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Easter BunnyEaster is a time to celebrate so many things – and we plan to make it fun for you too. There are so many Easter activities that you can do with your family and friends not to mention lots of  gift ideas that don’t cost a fortune. You will find everything you need to enjoy the holiday with your family and friends right here at ‘Easter Made Easy’

We have gathered together all kinds of ideas and information for you to make this your ‘one stop shop’. We have stories about the origins of the Easter Festivals, Crafts for you to enjoy with your family. There are Recipes, old and new, for you to share with family and friends, not to mention Chocolate to enjoy whilst you play some of our Easter Games and Hunt the Eggs.

This is traditionally a time where we show off our finery so there is loads to find about about Parades and Fashion, and we mustn’t forget those wonderful Easter Bonnets. We also like to start getting Out and About, making the most of the Spring weather, finding lots of interesting places to visit and things to do. It’s time to get busy in the garden as well, and maybe enjoy some of those Outdoor Sports that we have been deprived of.

Easter Baskets and Gifts are very much part of our lives these days as well, so we have become your ‘Personal Shoppers’ and gathered together a selection of the very finest items for you to choose from and have delivered to your door – that way you can spend the time having fun rather than battling the crowds.

To pull it all together we have our own splendid Easter Activity Collection eBook, delivered direct to your inbox with over 200 pages of recipes, games and activities for the Holiday, there are even puzzles and coloring pages included.

Our aim is to make all your Easter activities as much fun as possible so that you can have a happy and relaxing holiday.  If you have any ideas that you think people would like, just let us know and we’ll include it.

This is a quick and easy way to make an Easter Bouquet that is cheap and fun to do – and it doesn’t make much mess either – always a plus with any Easter activities and crafts!


Tissue Paper – a mixture of colors is best
Pipe cleaners – green are best if you can get them
Styrofoam bocks – you can use chunks of old tiles, or florists foam
A vase, or cellophane wrapping for your bouquet
A variety of ribbons

Make sure you have plenty of space for this – the children tend to get a bit carried away

1. Choose your tissue paper colors to make a pleasing bouquet – eight or nine flowers are a good number

2. Cut the paper into four inch long strips along it’s length, then layer several of the sheets on top of each other. You can use all the same color or different ones.

3. Loosely roll the papers up lengthwise so you have a short ‘tube’.

4. Wrap one end of a pipe cleaner around the center of the tube and twist it together to make it secure. You should have a long ‘stem’

5. Separate out each sheet of paper, creating petals and pull them up making a fold so that they surround the end of the pipe cleaner. If the paper is too long, trim it down, and shape the petals a little. You can use florists tape to secure them but it shouldn’t be necessary.

6. When you have made enough flowers, wrap a piece of ribbon around them

7. Put the flowers into a vase, pushing the ‘stems’ into the Styrofoam to keep them steady or wrap them in cellophane and tie a ribbon around them to make a presentation bouquet.


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